Awesome Software That YOU Should Use!!!

Some of the best free software around.

4/29/20232 min read

grayscale photography of woman typing on a laptop
grayscale photography of woman typing on a laptop

While living on the internet, you find some of the best and most useful software. I will be telling you what use case each software has and any concerns you may have with it. You will see a range of utility oriented to gaming oriented.

  1. ShareX: A open source video and photo-taking and sharing app. It is really user-friendly and supports automatic file upload to free-to-use picture-sharing sites like Imgur. This allows you to press the screenshot button or snip a section, and it instantly uploads the photo and copies the link to your clipboard automatically. If you are concerned about privacy, I'd suggest not turning this on, as it will automatically upload any sensitive info and anyone can look at it. It also comes bundled with other image-related add-ons, like a basic image editor. If you are interested in learning more, look here

  2. Discord: One of the best free-to-use instant messengers. You can join virtually any community. There are open and private communities. Private communities require an invite link that can be trimmed or user-limited access. Open communities are joinable within the app or website. The communities also have administrative roles, so they can ban or kick disruptive behaviors. Discord also has a membership called Nitro. This membership isn't needed, but does provide some better uses. Full nitro users can upload 500MB of files at a time, while a free user can now upload 25MB of files. Previously it was 8MB. If you had a nice smartphone with a great camera, you would have had to shrink or covert the photo to reduce the size to 8MB or less. As time progresses, Discord is becoming as the go-to communication platform. The service is now being offered on top game consoles like PlayStation and Xbox natively. If you are interested in Discord, click here.

  3. 1Password: This is a paid password manager. I am not sponsored, but just a user of the product. I switched over from LastPass because of the recent hack. You can learn more about the hack here. 1Password has never publicly said they have been hacked, and the company recently changed how its service and program work now. You now need to approve a new sign on an already signed-in device. This genuinely feels secure, unlike other solutions. If you are interested in visit their website here.

  4. Bitdefender antivirus: This powerful antivirus suite offers top-notch protection against malicious threats online. AV-TEST Institute tests virtually every antivirus product on the market. Bitdefender typically is right on top of the leaderboard for av results. There is a FREE version and a PAID version. Both work great, but the paid version offers more features. If you are a power user I definitely recommend getting the full suite. I don't recommend getting their bundle with the VPN. I would rather get a publicly audited one like Nord VPN or Mullvad VPN.

  5. F.lux: Simular to Windows night light or IOS night shift feature. This app makes seeing your screen much easier at night while avoiding the harmful blue light. Blue light also has a tendency to make some people stay awake at night. This app will automatically adjust your screen at set times to the specified or preset you have selected. If you only want a slight tint to your screen at night no problem. If you want a more aggressive color range set you can select your desired color temperature.